Abbey House Gardens, Again!

Last Sunday was the latest of the clothes-optional days at Abbey House Gardens in Malmesbury – and perhaps one of the last. Sadly, the owners are getting divorced and the house and garden are up for sale.
The remaining clothes-optional days this year are the 17th and 31st August and the 21st September – depending on what happens with any new owner, they could be the last.

Not many pics though – I’ve been so many times that there isn’t much new to take any more!

Exmouth Boat Trip

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a very pleasant evening boat trip up the River Exe from Exmouth. When we turned round at Topsham, some of the locals seemed very keen to take photos – can’t think why…

Mainly Mousehole

I’ve been a bit behind on things – these photos are from a few days we had down in Cornwall in the middle of June. We stayed at the rather lovely Old Coastguard in Mousehole, which is thoroughly recommended. I would advise driving into Mousehole from the Newlyn side as it’s a bit hairy coming the other way – steep and narrow!

The photos were mainly taken in Mousehole, with a few at the start from the Minack Theatre and a couple at the end from the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens (a bit disappointing if I’m honest – we should have gone to the Barbara Hepworth museum in St. Ives).
We’ve got all of my usual checkpoints – a bit of black & white and some long exposures. And dolphins! They swam past the hotel when I had my camera with me – never seen any before.

Bristol WNBR 2014

Saturday was the 2014 Bristol World Naked Bike Ride – part of a worldwide series of rides to raise awareness of oil dependency, cyclist vulnerability and body image. And it’s an unmissable change to ride round the centre of town stark naked…

For the first time in my three rides we actually had nice weather – lovely and warm with plenty of sun. A couple of drops of rain, but no more. The ride itself was great – there must have been about 100 people taking part (including one couple who joined in as we waited at traffic lights!), and the reaction of the shoppers in Broadmead and Cabot Circus was fantastic.

Abbey House Gardens

What’s that, another set of photos from Abbey House Gardens? Well, yes – but this visit was a little different. SWMBO came along for the first time, and it was also the first time I’ve visited with my kit on – this wasn’t one of their clothes optional days.

I’ve not been this early in the year before, and unfortunately the masses of tulips that were out over Easter were past their best – we weren’t able to get there when they were in their prime. However the rhododendrons were out and the gardens were a lot quieter than on the naturist days – which made taking photos a lot easier! I need to visit when the Laburnum arch is in flower, preferably with someone to pose in it.



A few photos from the weekend’s trip to London – we spent most of the time in the V&A and I think we covered most of it! There’s also a brief detour into the Natural History Museum, which I think is just a fantastic building. And then there was the Status Quo concert – a second reunion tour for the original lineup, playing just their classic old material. Regardless of what it’s currently known as, the venue will always be the Hammersmith Odeon to me. Eventim Apollo my arse!

All of the photos were taken on my little Panasonic compact, which explains why they’re not quite as pin sharp a usual – the SLR kit would have been too much of a back-killer, as I discovered when we did a similar weekend last year…


There are a couple of large patches of daffodils just down the road from us, and every spring I thing that I should wander down and taking a few photos. I never have though, until today.

More Art Nudes

A couple of weeks ago a group of us got together for another studio day of arty nude photography, much like the one in December – this one was up in Barlow just outside Chesterfield, which meant a long day!
Again, some really good results, and some quite different effects with the lights and projections – many thanks to the models, and to the other photographers who brought along much more inspiration than I did!

2013 pics – one a month

Shamelessly nicking the idea from a friend, here is a selection of 12 of my photos from 2013, one a month.

Nude Studies

I did some other nude portraits recently – I haven’t posted them up previously as I hadn’t asked the subject about it. They said yes, on the condition that they’re not identifiable – so here they are.